2-Man Shamble
Flight A
1st Place- Rodney Whitlatch & Greg McEntire                             61
2nd Place- Joe Stoeppelwerth & Bob Roland                                63
Flight B
1st Place- Bill Fisher & Dale Cooper                                             58
2nd Place- Steve Wardlow & Chuck Keihl                                    62
One Putts
1st - Ron Kelley
2nd - Steve Wardlow
3rd - Bill Fisher
Closest to the Pin
#2 – Randall Padek
#6 – Jim DeNovo
#13 – Casey Kennedy
#17 – Brent Fourth

2015 S.L.A.M. Individual Low Gross, Low Net
Flight A
Gross                                                                  Net
1st- Sonny Davis 73                                        1st- Brent Forth 74
2nd- Michael Foster 80                                  2nd- Brent Bridges 75
Flight B
Gross                                                                  Net
1st- Kyle Dyer 73                                             1st- Greg McEntire 64
2nd- Brian Bridges 79                                     2nd- Time White 75
Flight C
Gross                                                                  Net
1st – Jim Denovo 80                                       1st- Chuck Kiehl 65
2nd- Brent Orr 84                                             2nd- Mark Eberhard 70

Closest To The Pin 
#2 - Mark Kinney
#6 - Jim Denovo
#13 - Brian Bridges
#17 - Brian Bridges

1 Putts
1st - Brent Orr
2nd - Brian Bridges
3rd - Sam Keiser

Mens Association 2015 Tournament Schedule & Application

2015 S.L.A.M.    Low Individual Net
Flight A
1st Tom McKain                                                         66 
2nd Josh Sterns                                                          68
3rd Sonny Davis                                                         69
                                     Flight B
1st Joe Stoepellworf                                            74moc
2nd Jason Ward                                                   74moc
3rd Bob Roland                                                   74moc
                                       Flight C
1st Arthur Rickey                                                      79
2nd Mike Ward                                                          80
3rd Brent Orr                                                              81

1 Putts
Obie Bryant
Tom Mckain
Bob Roland
#5- Paul Stanton
#6- Tom Mckain
#8- Sonny Davis
#10- Harry Lowery
#11- Obie Bryant
#14- Jason Marks
#16- Kyle Dyer
#17- Mark Kinney
#18- Steve Wardlow

2014 Men's SLAM Club Championship


SLAM Club Championship 2014

Chapionship Flight

Club Champion- Mike Ward (152)
2nd low gross- Sonny Davis (156)
1st low net- Josh Stearns (139)
2nd low net- Mike Foster (145)

A Flight

1st low gross- Gregory McEntire (158)
2nd low gross- Kyle Dyer (162)
1st low net- David Duncan (132)
2nd low net- Brent Orr (149)

B Flight

1st low gross- Jim Denovo (159)
2nd low gross- Brent Bridges (161)
1st low net- Steve Wardlow (133)
2nd low net- Tim White (138)

Closest To The Pin

#2 Brent Bridges
#6 Brent Orr
#13 Jim Denovo
#17 Mike Ward

1 Putt Game

1st- Brent Orr
2nd- Kyle Dyer
3rd- Josh Stearns

South Lakes Men's Golf Association Announcements

Congrats to Mike Ward on winning the 2014 SLAM Club Championship with a score of 152! 
  • Current Senior Club Champion Harry lowery
  • South Lakes is the current Interclub Champion - Congratulations to all the guys that participated!


The 'famous' 1-putt game

This year we will continue the $5 optional 1-putt game.  It will work as follows:

  • Each participating golfer will receive one ticket for each 1-putt he records during the round.
  • An eligible 1-putt can be for any score, but cannot be counted if the golfer holes a putt from off the putting surface (a zero-putt) or putts his ball off the green, chips on, and makes his next putt (a two-putt).
  • At the completion of each tournament, the other half of the ticket stubs given out for all 1-putts will be placed in a container and a drawing will be had to determine first place (50%) of the 1-putt pot, second place (30%) of the 1-put pot, and third place (10%) of the 1-putt pot.  10% of the 1-putt pot will be paid into a fund for the benefit of the assistant golf professionals.
  • You do not have to be present at the drawing to win a 1-putt pot.

Other Buy-In Games that will be in the rotation include Closest to the Pin and Cats.


Golf Course News

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